Insurgent soundtrack

Chumba . . .

I can feel myself entering a Bloodshot Records listening fest. Something made me hit AccuTwang at work today, and I’m feeling the need for some Sadies (I do love those Sadies and wish they’d come south this winter for a visit.) Neko Case, Jon Langford, Trailer Bride, Devil in a Woodpile, Moonshine Willy (I want to marry that bass!) . . . it could be a while before I extract myself from this indugence. 

. . . and Wumba?

Damn good thing, because I have two really nasty Chumba Wumba songs stuck obsessively in my head. (This is all Jaffner’s fault.) They need to go, especially “Homophobia. The worst disease. You can’t love who you want to love in times like these!” The other one can’t be repeated in polite company.


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