Evil good (belated Halloween post)

Hey, Cat Whisperer -- what's she really thinking?

Hey, Cat Whisperer -- what's she really thinking?


It’s come to this already. Posting recipes. But what you really need this fall is some of these outrageously good chai-cupcakes-with-buttercream-frosting (PDF). Click that link (you won’t regret it) to download the PDF recipe.

I did not consume one piece of candy on Halloween – but I had enough sugar to last me a month, thanks to Lyta. 

And while I may never make these cookies (a cookie has too much guilt with no redeeming oatmeal), they are some of the best-textured chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever consumed.  A little addictive, actually. Here’s the PDF recipe: evil-good-chocolate-chip-cookies (PDF).



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4 responses to “Evil good (belated Halloween post)

  1. bday321

    I just ate the last chai cupcake. A winter-spice party in my mouth. They are so good I may actually have to make more.

  2. Lyta Norman

    I can’t believe you put that card up there, but it’s a lot funnier on your blog than when I gave it to you, I think. Very inspired.

  3. Jennifer

    What’s the cat thinking? The same thing every cat is always thinking:

    “Eat sh#t and die, puny human! But feed me first.”

  4. Lyta Norman

    Jennifer, thanks for clearing that up. You’ve clearly missed your calling in life. You need to have your own TV show. Beth and I will assist and bake special cat treats for your guests.

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