A Mercy

tonimorrisonToday should be a national holiday so we can all rush to the bookstore for the new novel by our country’s best living author, Toni Morrison.

It has been five years since the publication of Love. Pre-publicity (lots of it) says A Mercy is about a slave girl in the late 1600s, when a slave might be of any race, and racism based on skin color was not yet the norm. 

Here’s a great NPR link with interviews plus Morrison reading 4 chapters. Load up your portable listening device for your drive to the bookstore. 


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  1. bday321

    oops . . . it actually *is* a national holiday. I guess it’s because I’m on the *B list* and didn’t get invited to any of your Veterans Day parties that I forgot this morning. No offense was meant to any veterans, real or imagined.

    I got the book this afternoon. It weighs in at a shocking 167 pages.

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