An adorable little zombie movie

fidoMad Men doesn’t have anything over the colors, sets and clothes (well, OK, maybe the clothes) in Fido. Did this even play at the theater? Not that I get out much, but I’d never heard of it ’til my sister made me watch it yesterday. Here’s the trailer. 

The premise and the political and pop-culture riffs are are a scream: zombies harnessed as domestic slaves, one big company making a killing off the zombie business, references to Bush-era scare tactics everywhere. At one point, the non-speaking zombie leads perfect-mom to rescue Timmy, just like Lassie. 

And the colors! Of the clothes, the cars, the lawns, the houses, the interiors — and most expecially that stunning kitchen!

All in all, adorable. (My favorite word since the SNL Couric used it to describe the SNL Palin.)

Rated R. Why, I haven’t the foggiest. Blame Canada, I guess. It would definitely be OK for my 13-year-old and I would almost (but not quite) let the 11-year-old see it. I do always get the zombie-creeps after a zombie flick (I feel like they’re sneaking up on me at every four-way stop), but the gore is pretty mild and all played totally for laughs.


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