Best Christmas movie?

It’s a tough choice for my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I am viscerally fond of the claymation Rudolph TV movie from my childhood. But the Pee Wee Herman Christmas Special is the most spectacular Christmas extravaganza of all.

Pee Wee produces an over-the-top star-studded holiday party reminiscent in his own campy way of those ’70s variety shows.  Sonny and Cher (when was the last time you saw Captain Kangaroo? And did you remember just how frigtening his hair was?),  Johnny Cash (I do love June and Johnny), Dean Martin (remember how he used to be or pretend to be drunk?) Laugh In (or was that the ’60s?).

The tough choice is deciding which video to post here.  He had everyone from KD Lang to MagicJohnson to Joan Rivers. He enslaved Frankie  and Annette to make his Christmas cards. He even has Cher! He built an addition with fruitcakes. He left Dinah Shore singing the 12 Days of Christmas to a cutout Pee Wee via the picture phone. Watch this and tell me it doesn’t make you happy.

We’ve already had Charo’s Feliz Navidad. So it’s between KD Lang, Little Richard, Grace Jones doing her best Marilyn Monroe, or .  .  .

. . .the Heavenly Intonations of the Del Rubio Triplets


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One response to “Best Christmas movie?

  1. jane

    OMG, it’s my mother and two of her sisters!!

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