Luck and money

Kyle has posted lots of pics of our food from yesterday  (and a separate entry for dessert). The yummiest (most fattening, most heart unhealthy) food of the year.  I know greens are to bring prosperity (money) in the new year, and black-eyed peas are for luck. I’ve also heard that the peas are for coins and sweet potatoes are for gold. What’s the pork do for us, though? And is there a reason for the cornbread other than to sop up the pot likker?

It’s fun having so many different people at one time — everyone from mothers and siblings to neighbors to long lost friends moved away but home for the holidays. I just wish my house would expand two or three times a year to be big enough for everyone to be comfortable. 

Here are some of the recipes. 

Seriously good coconut pound cake > (PDF)

Funky-tastin’ stuff (eggplant clam casserole) > (PDF)

Apple-cranberry streusel > (PDF)



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2 responses to “Luck and money

  1. Jeff J

    The New Years Day party looked like a lot of fun. I wish I could have attended. Had a lazy day on Thursday watching football in NC. Again, good to see you and Butler this past week for lunch.

  2. Dedee Ressl

    I had such a great time seeing everyone and partaking in the yummy food!! Happy New Year

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