“A box without hinges, key, or lid,

   Yet golden treasure within is hid.”

eggses1Our friend Dr. Carolyne has shared an article about the nutrition value of eggs. Fat? Cholesterol? Pooh. Look at all those vitamins, all that brainy protein. Eat the whole wonderful package, not just the white.

It’s a good thing everyone here likes eggs, because I’m a pusher. I have this idea my kids will do better on tests if they eat eggs in the morning. We go through a minimum of 2 dozen a week — 3 or 4 if there’s a cake baked or a few friends overnight.

eggs1If it would just warm up, maybe Darlene’s chickens would start laying again and we can start eating those fabulous yard eggs again. They taste so good, and they make a pound cake such a rich gold.

eastereggsNot only are they nutritious and delicious, but they’re beautiful, too.  Fellow egg lover Betsy blows them and paints them at Easter and has been known to keep them until they rot because they’re so pretty. Elizabeth made us wrap them in silk, per Martha’s instructions, last Easter. I have so much fun admiring the beauty of Darleen’s eggs — each with its own singular shape, color and size — that I sometimes hate to crack and eat them. 

Next up: converting the treehouse into a chicken coop? Bonus: chicken whacky fertilizer.


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  1. After 18 months, I finally have a source for local eggs! The chickens in K-town don’t like the cold any more than Darlene’s. To check availability I log in to email rather than the preferred method of looking for the brightly colored egg dangling from the mailbox.

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