Intelligence is sexy (or is sexy intelligent?)

I have to share a guilty pleasure. I’ve been secretly visiting this bizarre blog in recent months: HotForWords.


"must investigate!"

"Must investigate!"


On the one hand, it makes me think the world is really headed toward the vision of “Idocracy.” On the other, I love etymology and generally learn something from these videos. Plus, I like her, despite myself. Enjoy . . .



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2 responses to “Intelligence is sexy (or is sexy intelligent?)

  1. Jeff J

    Idiocracy is a funny movie and yes, I do think our country is going towards that “vision” like a rocket. One of our favorite greetings (my youngest daughter, Hannah and I) is “welcome to Costco, I love you.”

  2. Warren

    Me and my friends say that all the time. Its hilarious. Funny funny movie.

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