Welcome, red wigglers and nematodes!

this makes me happy

this makes me happy

We finally opened our worm hotel this week.  Tom and I made a wire frame with a grate at the bottom, put some stone feet down, and layered leaves, grass clippings, brown, green, etc. Wet it all down and let it start cooking.

We chose a great spot out in the woods where the kids had dug a huge mud pit a few years back  (in view of the burial ground of our former composter, Kickflip the guinea pig). It will get good circulation. Dan had been filling the hole with leaves, and those partially composted piles were already home to a bunch of slim earthworms, which went right into the dirt soup. They’ll get fatter. 

Next door, hired help had worked all day to stuff about 50 plastic bags of leaves. I thought about offering them the rest of my wire . . .


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