I need a hero(ine)!

dorothytotoThis blogging thing is good for something, at least. It has made me realize that all the hero-type people who do things that make me happy seem to be men, as evidenced by the list to the right. 

Thank goodness I don’t have a girl to raise. In trying to think of personal female heroes, I came up distressingly blank. There are plenty of female music artists I adore (Patti Griffin, Freakwater, Michelle Shocked, Neko Case), but I don’t aspire to be like them. Googling around for ideas, the only lists out there for today’s young women are movie stars or TV people. What’s up with that?

jancindymarshaI suppose my own female role models are more local. My independent female relatives top the list: Betsy,  Elizabeth, my mom, Little Miriam, Lela Bland, even my buttheaded sister. Plus my fun friends who live they way they want, norms be damned, or keep it all together with work, health, aging parents and a happy face for their kids. 

josiepussycatsSomething to ponder. Ruminate upon. Put in my pipe and smoke, as MW would say.

The poll thing wasn’t working, so leave suggestions in the comments.


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