Art for the people                            (BDay’s little pilgrimage to mecca)

ourkarate2I woke up Sunday and remembered that I was in the hometown of Yee-Haw Industries. Had to stay an extra day to get in when the doors were open but was thrilled to be in the shop that has decorated so many of my walls via mailorder. For those of you who appreciate the art of carving type and graphics into wood or linoleum, or remember the days of actual letterpress printing and enjoy the feel of ink on good paper, or just appreciate faux-folk graphics or a beautiful dingbat, take a look

Yee-Haw seems to have become the graphic identity of Knoxville. Everywhere I went I saw logos and signs and Tshirts that were either designed by Yee-Haw or emulated their style.



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2 responses to “Art for the people                            (BDay’s little pilgrimage to mecca)

  1. jane

    What else did you do there?

    • bday321

      Hung out with Mallory and her fabulous family in B&B fashion. Went to the zoo and rode a camel. Heard three live music acts in two days.Went to see The Watchmen (not so great) and watched Ferris Bueller (still more fun than ought to be legal) and Religilous (rude). Visited with another Fox Hills family whose parents live in Knoxville. A very fun mini-vacation. I’ll put pics on FB this weekend.

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