Downtown partnership

Brian Ashley Jones, on air  

Brian Ashley Jones, on air

This is a term we hear a lot in Atlanta, but I saw some exciting examples in Knoxville this week.  Don’t know much (yet) about the history of this town, but my second impression was that it is young and civil and has strong mo’ in a good direction. (Though I must admit it seemed distressingly white. I saw only three black faces while I was there and nothing in the way of internationalism.) 

Get this: every single business day, the Knoxville visitor’s center, centrally located as you pull into downtown, hosts a “Blue Plate Special” live radio show luncheon with live music. This is the local community radio station, WDVX. 

Perfect partners. The radio station gets visibility, audience and programming (and I’m guessing free or cheap rent). The local BBQ house sells a few dozen sandwiches and gets a big sponsorship. The music acts get a small live audience and a much bigger radio audience. And the welcome center gets natural branding for KTown as a music hub, plus plenty of traffic through its storefront.

That’s smart partnering.


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  1. FriedaB

    This partnership makes me very proud of my hometown. It is one of the most progressive things I’ve seen happen in Knoxville in a long time. I hope it remains as successful as it appears to have been the day we visited. The Downtown and Old Town areas of Kville have undergone several variations of “renewal” and “rebirth”. There are some wonderful things there, and I hope this is just the beginning of a sustaining revitalization.

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