Beauty and the beasts

While you’re all in the mood to weigh in with your opinions, here’s another one to let loose about.

I’ll tell you what I think, though it’s hard to do without obscenities.

A: Why is everyone so amazed that Ms. Boyle can sing? Why does one have to be attractive to sound good? There’s nothing in reality that equates the two. She sings beautifully, but it wouldn’t be so  shocking if she were beautiful looking? That is just flat-out wrong. And it makes me mad.

B. Those TV guys act all amazed and repentant at the end, but they’re just doing it for TV’s sake.  Charm > ratings > ads > dollars. They’re still condescending jerks who are selling a culture of judging people by their appearances and mocking people for money. 

C. This is by far the most negative post to date on this happy blog. Clearly I’m in a lousy mood and may have to delete it in the morning.



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6 responses to “Beauty and the beasts

  1. Ok, I suppose it’s time for me to step on my feminist soapbox because there IS a double standard for female singers. Yes, only the pretty (read slender) can sing (BTW I was unable to view/hear the link since it has been disabled). The perfect case in point is my personal favorite, Bob Dylan, with a face only his mother could love.

  2. FriedaB

    Well, I went to youtube to check it out. Wow. As a 47-year-old, prosperously plump, frumpy vocalist, it made me joyful to watch this. That song is not an easy one to sing, either. Good for her!!

    And yes, you are absolutely right. Why should it be a shocker that she could belt out a musical theater piece, and sing it better than many current “stars” on Broadway? You know, Luciano Pavarotti was not a looker, either, but he didn’t have to overcome the obstacles that this spunky lady will if she pursues her dream.

    OK, enough ranting. My dander is sufficiently up.

  3. bday321

    I fixed the link. Hope this one stays.

  4. bday321

    Hey, look what’s linked from Andrew Sullivan’s site tonight: “. . . only the pretty are expected to achieve. Not only do you have to be physically appealing to deserve fame; it seems you now have to be good-looking to merit everyday common respect. If, like Susan (and like millions more), you are plump, middle-aged and too poor or too unworldly to follow fashion or have a good hairdresser, you are a non-person.

    “I dread to think of how Susan would have left the stage if her voice had been less than exceptional. She would have been humiliated in front of 11 million viewers.”

    Read the rest >

  5. Jennifer

    Thanks for that link. That was kind of my whole point in my email and in sending the link. That’s actually the very first time I’ve ever watched anything from any American Idol type show and I never would have clicked the link and watched it if it hadn’t come from a trusted source. Yes, it is ugly the way the judges and the audience reacted to her based on nothing more than her appearance. What I loved about it though, beyond the finger in the eye she gave them all, was that it really did, to me, point up in a very graphic way how easy it is to overlook the special qualities of the people around us. We’ve all been guilty of judging people according to our own yardstick and letting that obscure a clear view of the value of some of their other talents or attributes that aren’t marked off on our yardstick, but have value nonetheless. It’s merely more blatantly obvious when it’s expressed as lookism, ageism, sexism, and probably several more -isms.

    She forced those people to respect her for who she is – to which I can only say bravo. And as sad as it is that respect would have to be forced, isn’t that really the only way it ever comes about? Just by taking possession of yourself and putting yourself out there just as who you really are, without pretense, and offering no alternative? The celebrity worship stuff isn’t respect, it’s just mindless ass-kissing pack behavoir. And it’s of far less value than what Ms. Boyle has earned – even if she had a voice less than stellar.

    On the whole, though, this is why I don’t watch these kinds of shows – I see enough assholery in daily life that I’ve no desire to seek it out as entertainment.

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