SpongeBob hits the big 1-0               (Will candy taste as good any more?)

happy boy

happy boy

Maybe you were under a rock (or under a pineapple?) and didn’t know SpongeBob Squarepants is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his nautical nonsense.

I’ve tried to love it. Several times. Both kids would sit and watch it. They didn’t laugh, but they swore they loved it. Tom still sits glued to rerun after rerun.

A few years back, I heard SpongeBob compared to the PeeWee Herman Show and gave it another try.  I can see that both have their pouty / happy-child ups and downs. And both shows are probably better enjoyed in an altered state. But honestly, could SpongeBob attract the star power of Pee Wee’s Christmas Extravaganza?

For the most part, I don’t get it. But you know what? That theme song *rocks*! A fist-pumping anthem for the ages >



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4 responses to “SpongeBob hits the big 1-0               (Will candy taste as good any more?)

  1. jane

    I just don’t “get” the Spongebob. I have tried to find something entertaining about the show, but I don’t. There is no degree of alteration that could help me enjoy the bob.

  2. jane

    or illiteration, or altercation.

  3. Jeff

    I watched the sponge with the kids when they were little. Cracked up a few times. I liked Gary. Have not watched it in a few years though.

  4. bday321

    . . . Gary?

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