Happy birthday to *me*




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9 responses to “Happy birthday to *me*

  1. jane

    Happy Bday Beth!

  2. Jennifer

    A most awesome birthday cake. Well done, Lyta! I am super stoked over being the spider! “Come sit beside me,” said the spider to the fly. Or better yet, being the spider from P-Funk’s Let’s Take It to the Stage“…along came a spider, slid down beside her, and said ‘what’s in the bag, bitch?'”

    Hope the birthday was excellent.

  3. Lyta Norman

    I was going to be a spider, too, Jennifer – but dammit – there just wasn’t enough room. Oh well. I wonder if Beth’s ever going to let anybody actually EAT THE CAKE.

    • Linda

      Lyta is my neice but did she ever make me a fondant icing birthday cake? Of course not. You must be a very special friend and I hope you had a great birthday. Hope your cake was as good as it looked.

  4. bday321

    We started eating it last night. All day I made people come in the house and look at it and finally last night at midnight we cut into it. It is delicious! And we’ve saved all the fondant and are playing colorforms with it.

  5. Lyta Norman

    Good for you! I’m proud of you. A lot of butter and eggs went into that cake. It would be a shame not to eat them.

  6. Julia

    Love-erly cake Lyta! And Happy birthday Beth…much happiness!-j

  7. FriedaB

    Happy belated birthday, Beth! Hope it was too much fun! What a GREAT cake!

  8. Butler

    What fabulous art!

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