Yinglish and Africaans

Two words I learned on Facebook this morning . . .

LekkerDogLekker. The quote was “Dogs are totally lekker.”

Verklempt. “I hope you didn’t get too verklempt.” 

Now if you think about it, both of these words are pretty sonicky. (Here’s a refresher on Roy Blount Jr’s book.) Lekker originated as “tasty,” and it kind of sounds like you’re noshing on something irresistible. And verklempt is definitely all choked up, don’t you think?


And by the way, aren’t Afrikaans and Yiddish both derived from older languages by populations displaced from the homeland? If I were making up words, I would tend toward the sonicky — wouldn’t you?  I’ll have to look this up between football, baseball and guitar lessons today. Send me some links if you know anything about this.


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