Jane says . . . Lakewood may not be so bad after all

Let's not draw attention to ourselves or anything 

Let's not draw attention to ourselves or anything. (Pretty much everone else was wearing black.) What you can't see here are the plaid shorts.

So I let the 14-year-olds talk me into taking them to Lakewood to see Jane’s Addiciton and Nine Inch Nails. On a school night. On Mother’s Day, no less! “If I can find one adult who will go with me, I’ll do it,” was my final out. No way is anybody going to Lakewood on a Sunday to see two loud bands, I thought. So who’s the first person I ask? Gaby, who never met a show he wouldn’t gladly attend.  Gaby, it turns out, has been to at least two Lollapaloozas. . .

I’ve had some ugly nights leaving Lakewood and have avoided it for many years. But we drove right in, the lawn sounded great and once it got dark the view was pretty good, too. And no traffic getting the MomVan/ConcertCamper out of there.

I am only a recent fan of Jane’s Addiction, but I love their sound, and their sets were absolutely fabulous. Nine Inch Nails sounded great, too. In fact, I had thought it would be NIN that was not age-appropriate, but it was actually JA who provided the 14-year-olds with plenty to think about.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but these kids today with their long hair and their rock ‘n roll music are starting to influence what I listen to. My Pandora was on a JA-NIN-Nirvana-Chili Peppers station all afternoon. And more than once, I’ve found myself forgetting to turn the station back to NPR  after they get out of the van.

Topic for another day: Where was I in the early 1990s, anyway? Because I completely missed all this music. Stuck in the ’80s, I fear.

Here’s a bad but brief video for you: Going acoustic to wind the crowd down early so our hero could rush to the hospital.



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8 responses to “Jane says . . . Lakewood may not be so bad after all

  1. The old debate, Athens v Seattle , back then you sort of had to pick a side. Even when Michael and Kurt went at it like bunnies there was still rancor in the mix. ( this really was an issue.. BUT YOU NEVER WATCHED TELEVISION, so you missed it)
    That and the fact that we did not like the way those kids danced, and they had long hair.. and only got medium starch in their shirts… it was ugly.

    • jane

      I got into the RHCP’s while I was in RH. Red Hot Chili Peppers rule. They are F&^( a lichous. Saw a concert w/ them w/ socks on, well, thingies, and I’ve never appreciated a band more. The music is great, and the performance is, well, moving. A performance is as moving as music. Dance, dance, dance. Love it, grove it, move it. Enjoy, love, embrase, life.

    • bday321

      Wait . . .Michael Stipe and Kurt Kobain had sex . . . on TV? I really did miss the early ’90s, I guess.

      I do remember that people who liked this music wore a lot more black than they did pink and green.

  2. Max

    no kidding, i do rock.
    and so do my long, flowing golden locks

    • bday321

      with Warren’s mom to watch the clock,
      I’m sure to be home by 12 (tick tock)

      • Warren

        with Warren we do love to chill
        and Warren’s mom knows the drill
        she takes us to waffle house and drops us off
        as long as we promise to not get on top.

  3. Jennifer

    Wish I was Ocean Size…

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