crunkI thought I learned a new word yesterday. As in, “That [Chick-fil-A suit] cow is lame. I believe you’d be more crunk than that.”

Turns out, crunk is actually more than 15 years old. It even made its way into Merriam-Webster two years ago (along with ginormous), but the definition there seems very incomplete.

Oh, the things you miss when you’re birthing babies and not watching TV. Plus white and an utter failure at developing an appreciation for hip-hop music.

What’s crunk? I asked, once the poor dissed cow was outof earshot. “Lively and energetic”  was the gist of the response, along with amazement that I didn’t know what it meant.

white boys take a break from book cover skating to act all crunk

white boys in the 'hood take a break from book cover skating in the hallway to act all crunk

I’ve asked 10 people (mostly kids) in the past 24 hours and gotten definitions everything from “gangsta” to “crazy” to “drunk and wild.”  The actual etymology is much more interesting (and inappropriate). >



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4 responses to “Crunk

  1. Okay,
    There is a magazine named “Crunk.”

  2. fbbrown

    I fail miserably in finding my inner crunkness. I think I sound/look crunky, and my kids tell me to “lose the opera voice” and to leave the dancing to the professionals.

  3. Carolyne

    If I wanted to know what “crunk” really meant then I would most likely not ask any white kids. Also, I think words change meaning through generations. But honestly Beth, you should find a new word to use – you just aren’t the “crunk” type. Know what Im sayin?

  4. bday321

    What I really like about this word is exactly that, Carolyne: it’s picked up many meanings in just over a decade. It’s a great example of how alive and changing language is, and why we should all recognize the power of making up our own words!

    Got a new definition yesterday from a 20-something: it’s a style of dance.

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