Crawfish tails and Squirrelheads

Both are a bit addictive: once I started eating those crayfish, I just couldn’t quit (though I can’t bring myself to eat the head). And the Squirrelheads are my favorite local band at the moment: all funk and fun.




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3 responses to “Crawfish tails and Squirrelheads

  1. Carolyne

    I ate a couple of the crawfish but they’re just not my thing. Didn’t hate em, but didn’t love em either. I can eat myself some oysters on the half shell though. I had fun at the festival – did you see me racing the little plastic crawfish to win a tshirt? Oh, yeah and I also had to do a shot of Southern Comfort. Never had that before but it wasn’t so bad!

  2. fbbrown

    When we lived in New Orleans, you didn’t eat the heads, you sucked the heads … and I could never bring myself to do that, either. Sounds like a great time.

  3. Fun, fun, fun…I would have danced all night, had my partner not pooped out on me!

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