This makes me sad

city grill220City Grill, the crown jewel of downtown Atlanta restaurants, closed its doors yesterday.

When I got the terse Hurt Building email yesterday morning, I couldn’t believe it. City Grill and Dailey’s?  Where in the world will downtowners have their Christmas luncheons? We already have such a shortage of good restaurants on our side of town. This leaves us with nothing.

HurtFedSuch a shame: great food, very reasonably priced, in a beautiful space. The former home of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, in fact, and I understand the vaults are still back in the kitchen somewhere.  When the restaurant opened 20 years ago, about the time the Hurt Building reopened, it gave what was then a tired part of downtown a shine that lasted all these years.

The news settled over me like a death yesterday. In fact, I’m still in the denial phase of my grieving. Not having it there leaves a big gaping hole in our building and our neighborhood. 

CityGrillLogoWe will miss the leisurely two-hour lunches, the seasonal menu, and especially the graceful Jimmy the bartender.

Thanks for the years!


*Update: Kyle”s own personal remembrances of City Grill. With old photos.


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  1. Wow, that is sad.. the last gasp of the once proud Peasant Restaurant group. It is such a beautiful space. Now , as for Dailey’s , two words: Paris Brest.

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