Like the Dew

LikeTheDew copyLook what I found on Twitter (yes, I’ve taken the plunge): Like the Dew. Arts, politics, sports, features — mostly by  AJC formers from all three buyouts, plus folks like Ken Edelstein and Billy Howard. All writing just what they want to write.

Give it a read. And hope it finds a way to make a little money.

The food section has a great feature on John T. Edge, plus a list of Atlanta bests that proclaims Colonnade’s as the best fried chicken. What do y’all think? I’ve heard some people swear by the Barbeque Kitchen, others by the  more newfangled Watershed or South City Kitchen. I’m no judge — I get the vegetable plate everywhere I go.



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4 responses to “Like the Dew

  1. I was always in the BBQ Kitchen corner when it came to Fried Chicken, with the Colonnade coming in second, but that could just be my College Park Pride. You do get more at Colonnade, either are very good.

  2. Jeff

    Good morning Beth. Thank you for the link “Like the Dew”………just read the piece by Tom Baxter.

    I can’t weigh in on the fried chicken poll (I haven’t been to any of those places, except for the Colonnade, many many years ago). The mother of a girl I dated many moons ago made the best fried chicken I have ever had (best gravy & biscuits, country ham, greens etc).

  3. Dan

    You’re letting the time you spent in College Park cloud your judgment. BBQ kitchen’s chicken can’t carry Colonade’s crisco.

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