Reconsidering old media

TVI’m considering taking up TV news.

There were too many stories late last week and over the weekend that I missed in my online reading and daily NPR. I got all the limericks right on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on Saturday but still feel like I’m missing something somehow. I’ve been following the “unrest” in Iran through Twitter, was led to the Letterman v Palin Matt Lauer interview (“Absolutely not necessarily”) via Facebook, and learned everything I know about the Obama administration brief in support of DOMA from the blogosphere.

What channel should I watch to see the news, and at what time? I suppose I could take my laptop down with me in case I get bored. Is there a short course somewhere on how to operate the remote control  . . .?



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6 responses to “Reconsidering old media

  1. Jennifer

    Watch the news? Don’t bother. While the unrest in Iran was reaching the boiling point this weekend, CNN was showing Larry King Live re-runs, MSNBC was doing their regular weekend documentary loop, FOX was too busy trying to blame Obama to really report what was going on…there’s no such thing as “TV news” anymore. Though to be fair, it’s not as if we should expect celebrities to work on a weekend.

    If you get BBC America, you might give their world news broadcast a try – it’s certainly better than anything you’ll find anywhere else. Their broadcast runs at 5 pm your time and again at 10 pm – but that’s when you really should be watching The Daily Show, which is probably the best domestic source for news on TV, sad though that may be.

    As for Letterman v. Palin, if you missed it, there’s a great youtube of Dave’s “apology”…he acknowledges that the jokes about the daughter (target was the 18-year-old Bristol, NOT the 14-year-old Willow) were “ugly”, then goes on to repeat the one about Palin shopping at Bloomies for cosmetics to “update her slutty flight attendant look” and says, “well, I kinda like that joke”. Perfect.

  2. I disagree a little bit…. I watch a lot of tv news. Start the day with Morning Joe, then most days msnbc is on in the background all day long ( way to much paris hilton type stuff, but its just white noise ) then I watch my local 6 o’clock news ( up here you pretty much have to watch the weather in the winter, so it just sort of became habit.. and for a small market, they do have very good local news here) then I watch NBC national news, followed by an hour of PBS.
    This is not every day by any means, and its on top of all the reading I do on here. One thing for me is seeing how much , if any, LGBT issues are getting on a national scale. Another is I want to hear the ” other side”…. ” keep your friends close and your enemies closer” I watch some fox news just to see what is going on in the snake filled mind of the other side.
    A lot of people swear by the BBC world report, Its all Binky will watch , but he has a Eurocentic world view ( even though he just moved to once racist Forsyth County).. I find it a little dry.
    When would you have an hour or half hour that you could just sit , at dinner time, at watch tv??

  3. Jennifer

    Kyle – Joe Scarborough’s stoopid makes my head hurt the way something too sweet makes your teeth hurt. What’s worse is that I know he’s not a stupid guy – he just plays one on TV from time to time for partisan purposes. Like his “har-de-har-har” knee-slapping routine about the DOJ’s report about right-wing extremism…which just happened to come out about 2 weeks before rightwing extremists murdered an abortion doctor and shot up the Holocaust Memorial. Yeah, that was a real laugh riot – who’s laughing now, Joe?

    I actually shouldn’t pick on just Joe; it’s pretty much the same with all of them. They aren’t journalists – they’re “pundits” and just about all of them are guilty of making their viewers dumber than they would be otherwise. Just my take on it, you understand – you should go on enjoying it if you find it enjoyable. Me, I just end up wanting to throw a shoe through the TV screen.

    Agreed that the BBC is a bit dry, but they make up for it with their awesome British accents. I think it’s the non-US-centric aspect of their reporting that makes them the best source for international news – they aren’t trying to push any particular domestic agenda, which leaves them free to just report the news rather than spin it.

  4. ummmm, you are forgetting I am THAT shallow, I want to sleep with Willy Guist and Mika wears fantastic shoes…

    • Jennifer

      Hey, nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re not expecting to get facts-n-stuff from them.

      I’ve been really down on cable news ever since the anti-Iraq war protests back in Feb. 2003…over 10 million people in countries around the world all turned out to protest against a war that had not yet begun…in very cold weather…an event unprecedented in human history, which you would think merited news coverage. CNN that day ran approximately 12 seconds of coverage of the protests, choosing instead to go with “What Journalists Doing to Get in Shape for Covering the War” as their big story.

      Bunch of hoors. I’ve never forgotten that.

  5. bday321

    See, I don’t know who *any* of these people are, so I must be missing something . . .and I’m still stuck on Angela moving to Forsyth county. You have got to be kidding me!?

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