New musical horizons: Rap, opera (drama, politics)

NPRRapperFued copy I’ve always said that rap and opera are two genres of music I have simply failed to develop an appreciation for. Now that I’m on my way with opera, I think it’s time to start listening to rap. Or at least paying attention to the rather operatic drama that surrounds it.

Why now? This interview on NPR yesterday morning with an international relations prof from GWU convinced me.

“If you go back to, like, 19th century bounce-power politics, this is how rising powers would make it,” Lynch says, citing conflicts between Japan and Russian as well as among rising powers in Europe. “If they wanted to get somewhere, they had to take someone out.”

The difference today is that we’re in a uni-polar world with the United States on top. In the rap world, Jay-Z is that guy.

The Game is the erratic wildcard.

“He’s North Korea; he’s Iran,” Lynch says. “He might not win, but he can hurt you if he drags you down into this extended occupation, this extended counterinsurgency campaign.”

Tell me this doesn’t deserve to be an up-and-comer on Stuff White People Like.

Listen to the NPR piece here > (if you can stomach snarky, pasty Steve Inskeep)

And send me your recommendations. Prudish me has always had a hard time with lyrics (are they called lyrics or just raps?) about women’s behinds and other bodily features, not to mention all the stuff about shootin’ folks. The 20-Something I work with listens all the time and finds the words hilarious.

Maybe I should start with some of the artists who film videos in our building. Here’s one. When we watched it in the office, the 20-Something recognized all sorts of other artists in it — I suppose a cameo in another dude’s (oh . . .dude is very white: bro’?) video is a form of political alliance?


On second listen, I like it! (Hey, Mikey!) It was filmed in the Hurt Building, on Edgewood outside, and in some other ATL spots you’ll recognize.



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2 responses to “New musical horizons: Rap, opera (drama, politics)

  1. bday321

    Recommendations from the 20-Something (who does not do social media at all), posted in her words before I’ve even looked at them. Keep ’em coming, folks, in the name of the musical education of BDay.

    This is where is all began.

    Classic Jay Z

    Best line: “Gotta in a bill in my mouth like Hillary Rodham.”

    Best line: “I ain’t buyin no huggies, don’t dress him like me that ain’t my lil buddy”

    Lil Jon is from Atlanta

    Can you see me doin’ the Stanky Legg ?

  2. bday321

    Well, I must say “Dat Baby Don’t Look Like Me” has succeeded where no other could: it’s pushed out “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates,” the persistent earworm that had been driving me crazy for about five days. (Speaking of “Stuff White People Like . . .)”

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