Better than any ol’ dew

My favorite newspaper. I read this without fail every week. It covers the civic, the social and the criminal, white and black, in a very personal way. People you know write about other people you know. Or at least you know their family names. For example, I know people (though not ‘possums) who live on Wigfall Street:


“We will cling to the pillars of the temple of our liberties and if it must fall we will perish amidst the ruins.”

Opinion is not always entirely separate from fact, but that gives the Advertiser its voice — and is consistent with a favorite story in my family: that back in the ’70s, the paper ran block headlines “Strom Has Colored Offspring” with no attending story, publishing what apparently all the black families in town already knew long before Mrs. Washington-Williams came forward after the Senator’s death a few years back.

Well, I declare — will the wonders of the Internets never cease? Here’s a story with the actual headline.

I’ll do better at sharing from the Edgefield Advertiser, I promise.



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3 responses to “Better than any ol’ dew

  1. you KNOW how much I love this. Keep us posted, give us a really good wedding sometime…” Mrs Sarah ( Carl) Van Hefflin and Mrs Johnny Rae ( Cooter ) White held a Round the Clock Shower for Mrs Hefflins Niece, Mary Charlotte Ann Tussle , the soon to be bride of Blakely Irving……..”

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