Kudzu monsters

985 in Hall County, near Gainesville

985 in Hall County, near Gainesville

It was only a matter of time. The Virgin Mary and her son have manifested themselves in plates of spaghetti, on buildings in Florida, in trees and on toast . . . and remind me to tell you some time about the day Anna and I trekked out to the Shrine of the Immaculate Tortilla near Roswell, N.M.

Now she’s come south, and chosen the most appropriate medium: kudzu.

Finding kudzu monsters has always been one of my favorite road-trip pastimes — much more fun than cloud critters. At the end of a wet summer the vine has swallowed power poles, fences, abandoned buildings, and anything else in its path, sometimes making for pretty creepy things that look like they’re reaching out to get you.

KudzuMonsterI’m going to start taking pictures of them. Perfect timing. It’s late in the season and I’m trekking across the state next Friday, down 75 and out 16.  Send me a pic if you see any good ones yourself.



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2 responses to “Kudzu monsters

  1. GET OUT! I love this.. There are these VERY weak sort of wild grape vine monsters here, but they would last all of two seconds in a ring with a good old fashion KUDZU Monster… another perfect niche market for you!

  2. I am totally re-posting

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