Cubbie, unleashed

DSCF7352Cubbie don’t need no stinkin’ leash! She runs like a greyhound — except with this long tongue hanging out and a big smile and her ears blowing back like the Flying Nun.

She isn’t much for the water, though. Wasn’t scared of it until she ran headlong into a few tidal pools over her head. Apparently, she has no depth perception where water is involved: the slightest wet spot is as deep as the deepest stump hole. So she stops at nothing and runs straight into deep water.

After one day, she was chasing birds like she thinks she might catch one. And she knows she’s going to catch one of those butterflies.

Beach 9-09 008CLBeach 9-09 009CL


More, and better, pics and videos as the week goes on.



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3 responses to “Cubbie, unleashed

  1. Jeff J

    Enjoyed the pictures and the video. Awesome beach. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Jackie

    She looks like she is having a GREAT time in her new home! Thank you for the love your family gives her! Also, thanks for posting so many pictures so I can keep up with her!


    • bday321

      Thanks for sharing her with us, Jackie.

      I think she’s pouting now that she’s home from the beach. After those first few days of being good, she decided freedom was better than the leash and refused to be caught every time I let her loose to run. Since there’s no hope of catching her, we just followed her all over the island while she chased birds and teased us — for about 2.5 hours the last day, in fact.

      So no more off leash until we can trust her again!

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