Bee-youtiful beets

DSCF7442Loyal Bubble readers know that it was Kyle’s beets that started this whole blog thing. Imagine how thrilled I was that Sarah Mims brought her own to the beach. Home grown, boiled, peeled, sliced, salad. Orgasmically organic. And so beautiful I could hardly stand it.



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4 responses to “Bee-youtiful beets

  1. looks great! I do love a good beet.. but you do not like blue cheese… we have got ALL these great beets at Wegmans right now.. Beet red, a bright red, yellow and candy stripped…

  2. Lyta Norman

    It is NOT “bleh” cheese. That salad was my favorite thing I ate the whole time I was at the beach. Thank you, Sarah Mims!

  3. Enjoyed your blog about all the great food we ate at the beach… Wish we were still there and still eating. Betsy and I are here watching the rain and eating scuppernongs. If we knew how to post a picture, we would, but we are old and not so tech savy. Betsy and Sarah Mims

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