Six feet high and rising

Sope Creek at the Paper Mill bridge. That's Ellie

Sope Creek at the Paper Mill bridge. That's Ellie

And then it got worse. After Tom and I took pics this afternoon, the rain slacked up some but the water really started rising. Sope Creek runs through our very hilly neighborhood just before it meets the Chattahoochee, carrying all the runoff from streets and neighborhoods to the north and east of us.

There are probably a dozen seriously flooded houses here in the ‘hood — the creek just came on in their houses. That’s not including about every other house that has a flooded basement just from so much rain.

This evening, while it wasn’t raining, everyone was out walking and gawking with the firetrucks and rescue crews. Many pics here lifted from Dave, Frieda, Perry, Geri and Amy.

Twitter was blazing with amazing shots of downtown like the one above, and of Buckhead, where Peachtree Creek did its flooding thing like it never has before.

This is at the Andy Young International/Freedom Parkway overpass, on the north side of the Connector looking south:

According to the Weather Channel, it’s going to pour down rain again late tonight and early tomorrow morning. And good lord, is that system I see on the radar back in MO and AR coming our way, too?

No school tomorrow. Sleepover tonight.

No school tomorrow. Sleepover tonight.



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3 responses to “Six feet high and rising

  1. OH! I see now… never mind

  2. ooops, my first comment did not post, so never mind the never mind. MAN, I hope things get better soon

  3. bday321

    Woke up to birds chirping, though no sun. We didn’t get any more rain last night. Most unbelievable to me is that the Chattahoochee swamped 285. AJC at 5 am: The DOT said that the I-285 bridge over the Chattahoochee River south of South Cobb Drive was under 5 feet of water.

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