Droppin’ your g


Downtown Decatur, last week.

Thanks goodness McDonald’s isn’t billing this as a black angus burger.

I bet the kid who pulled this gets fired and goes to work at Pubix.



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4 responses to “Droppin’ your g

  1. Jennifer

    Reminds me of that old classic: “You can’t beat Wendy’s meat.”

    Kudos to the kid who put up the marquee though, for ultimate truth-in-advertising. This one is Idiocracy-worthy.

  2. SomeNYGuy

    Don’t be so harsh. The kid who did this is probably just suffering from Assburger’s Syndrome.

  3. Dan

    I get the anus burger joke, but what’s the secret message above it? BILLI S AND ILLIO S ERVED Is it an anagram? Are you unknowingly helping the Morgan Spurlock secret society send messages to his minions?

    • bday321

      if another “0” falls off it’ll be a cryptic “hold the onions” code. Layers of meaning . . .

      And if you look closely enough, you can see the Angel Gabriel in the cloud there — or wait, is it the BVM?

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