And just “what” do you consider unnecessary?

I can hardly “wait” to start contributing to this blog.

UnnecessaryI see them every day, and they drive me almost as crazy as misplaced apostrophes. In fact, I fear that errors of the plural possessive (Welcome to “The Lawson’s”!) are becoming so commonplace that they will soon become accepted even in style guides.



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4 responses to “And just “what” do you consider unnecessary?

  1. Jennifer

    There’s a blog for just about everything. But let’s just say it’s got some stiff competition from the Accidental Dong blog. In the category of juvenile humor, it’s AD by a country mile.

    • bday321

      Jaffner, it’s lovely to have you back here in your lifelong role of making me “giggle” at verboten “dirty” things.

      We’ve been so “PG-rated” with out you.

  2. Safire is dead, there is a niche to be filled. B. Day, Grammar “Cop”…..

    • bday321

      Actually, Kyle, I’m all good with language being a living, growing thing that self-polices with no po-po. Kids invent words like “verse” for “The Braves verse the Falcons tonight.” It fills a need beautifully. Everyone understands what you mean when you say “ain’t.”

      But idiotic punctuation just irritates the fire out of me. Occupational hazard, I suppose.

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