Welcome to Cobb County, Jonathan!

I think I’ll crash the high school GSA meeting this afternoon. Since I didn’t go to D.C., I spent the weekend fretting instead over the plight of Jonathan and trying to figure out a way to welcome him to Cobb County.

Because here’s the deal: The kids are OK with this, so why aren’t the grownups?

I must admit that most of what I know about this comes from traditional media sources (AJC and WSB-TV), never the best source in this day and age. And the child does seem to know how to shine in the spotlight.

click for video

click for video

But “more manly”?! and “disruptive”?! Puh-leeze.  These kids today (with their long hair and their rock n roll music) have a lot more drama going on most days than this. I think North Cobb High School needs itself some Challenge Day.

Here’s what the kids say on the “Support Jonathan” Facebook page:

“Jonathan came new to our school. He’s a guy, but he dresses as a girl. People are making it such a big deal, when we’re all humans no matter what we look like on the outside. “

It just so happens that I was with 100+ kids most of Saturday. For fun, each band instrument group dressed differently: superheroes, tie-died shirts, etc. Some of the boys wore skirts; a group of girls dressed as guys. I mentioned to one or two that they could get kicked out of North Cobb for that and they all knew exactly what I meant. Rumors are going around, they said, that Jonathan will come to school at Wheeler, where everyone will be glad to have him and he’ll fit right in.

Welcome to Cobb County, Jonathan. Seriously.  There are plenty of people here who are glad to have you and who are glad you are who you are. Among your peers, especially, I’ll venture that very few find your style disruptive — a day or two of excitement would die down very quickly if you’d give it a chance. Because it’s 2009, not 1993.



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4 responses to “Welcome to Cobb County, Jonathan!

  1. FriedaB

    Love it! I’ll help with the welcoming party. Cookies?

  2. Allison Doke

    This is the first I’ve heard of this…Dave taught at North Cobb for many years, so I ‘best’ hold my tongue about the area.

    I suggest they update their school motto:

    “God, country and no fags please.”

    What a shame. Maybe he could design a camouflage dress for prom. Maybe then, he’d fit in.

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