School spiritual

Buy a shirt. Send a kid to Florida.

Buy a shirt. Send a kid to Florida.

I don’t know how to describe, really, how surreal my bubble has become this fall. Spending time almost daily around a football field is one thing. Becoming actually school spiritual is another.  (Especially since my own diploma is from the high school that was Wheeler’s prime rival back in the day.)

Cubbie is school spiritual, too.

Cubbie is school spiritual, too.

I like these schools. I love these kids. I want them to win so they can be proud of themselves. Most of all, I want their schools to have more money. Which is why I was hawking band T-shirts and stadium seats before the game last night — something for which I have neither time nor proclivity. And why I’ll probably do it again.

In my middle age, I think I’m finally experiencing school pride.

I am even proud of the suburban mom magnets on my minivan.

Now all this doesn’t mean I’m actually paying attention to the football game. Although I must say we do have the most colorful uniforms.



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4 responses to “School spiritual

  1. S. Lindquist

    You made me smile this morning. I think it’s sweet. The world needs more Moms like you!

  2. Liz Fitzgerald

    And there are so many of us grateful for what you do… especially hawking the spirit wear:)

  3. Allison Doke

    Go B Day…

    on a totally unrelated item. I heard you went to see ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

    I took the kids today…would love a blog about this.

    (…I was bored)

  4. bday321

    I didn’t intend to sound self-congratulatory at volunteering. I do very little. I just think it’s fun to finally have team spirit, and funny that it took me this long.

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