I’m herpes free.

A face only a blowup doll could love

A face only a blowup doll could love

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

It was nice to get out of the ‘hood on a Saturday night, which hasn’t been happening enough lately. Good to hear the bassline live and loud enough to thump.

Unknown Hinson has a very interesting face. Like the son of Elvis and Johnny Cash wearing a Nixon mask (while playing Hendrix). Lisa saw some Reagan in him too, and of course in profile there’s an unmistakable likeness to Lincoln. A regular Mount Rushmore in one country troubadour’s face.

He played a song with my newest favorite line: “Polly Urethane, that’s such a purdy name.” About, of course, a blow-up doll. And another one: “Fish camp woman, I like the way you smell.”

His T-shirts had great graphics.

Lisa  is a good sport. We made the best of it and I seriously enjoyed her company.

It was great fun to see Tamara in the flesh instead of just electronically

I'm herpes free.

I'm herpes free.

There was a tattoo contest. One boy had a tattoo that said, “I’m herpes free.” He got my vote.



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4 responses to “I’m herpes free.

  1. Lisa White Layman

    The opening act has inspired me to start a new bad health regime….I’m going to try to gain 30 lbs by January 1, busy myself with the new craft craze of making my own pasties (do you think Martha has a link on her website?) and join the Burlesque show. Surely they need a “Connie Cougar” in the troop? This is the first time I’ve been motivated in months…thanks Beth.

    • bday321

      Girl, you need to come see the ElVettes on Dec. 1. They will motivate you to lose weight and shake your booty instead of your boobies. Or Dames Aflame at the Kingsized Christmas show. They’ll teach you how to dance instead of how to craft pasties.

      • Jeff J

        Hi. Was Hinson remotely entertaining or he just didn’t live up to the hype? I’ve only listened to him on XM radio the last few years (I’ve never seen him in concert). The ACDC concert last night was a good show (very professional and they know how to make the crowd go wild). It was about a 90 minute show ( a little disappointed on the number of encores (lack of). At the end, I got the sense, that the show ending abruptly after they did “For those about to Rock.”

  2. bday321

    Yes, he was entertaining, but not as much as I’d expected. Of course, I had waited through an overlong overlybad burlesque show, a tattoo contest that stopped being fun after the first round, and way too much Squidbillies promo — talking, video, more talking, then an entire episode. Just play some music!

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