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Today’s word from Jaffner, or actually from Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, which I suppose I never read. The Martian word for “drink,” or to merge two different entities to create one higher reality. To understand or communicate completely, intuitively, empathetically.

“Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science—and it means as little to us (because of our Earthly assumptions) as color means to a blind man.”

But is it transitive or intransitive? Sounds like it doesn’t need the preposition.

Apparently Heinlein invented an entire Martian language, whose words as “guttural” and “jarring,” “like a bullfrog fighting a cat.”


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  1. David Doke

    Of the two books that I have read, this is my favorite. I can’t remember the other one….

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