Del and the Boys

The Bijou — and that’s not pronounced like bayou, but like BEEzshu — is the best place on the planet to see a band, and just one more reason to consider relocating to Knoxville, if you’re in the market.

It’s a 100-year-old theater, restored, now hosting music including Tennessee Shines (do note that Knoxville’s graphic identity is courtesy YeeHaw Press).

Enough! The show was great. I haven’t seen Del and the Boys since they got this different bass player, but he made up for not being the big blond guy who thumps by having an amazing voice.

They played lots of stuff from the new album — nothing outrageously new, but more of the same good stuff. Can’t find any videos of the new songs, so here are two of my favorites in one video for your listening pleasure: “1952 Vincent” and “Get Down on Your Knees and Pray.” Plus a little snippet of Del talking about kinfolk at the end. If you don’t like this stuff, you must be dead.

Del and Dan

Mal-rey's smile


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