I break for fashion

You all know what a slave to fashion I am. No comments about who would actually wear these — just enjoy. (Click the pics to link to the Mail articles.)

What time is it? No time at all.

Do "sate" and "saturate" come from the same root? These satisfy my need for color.

24,000 LED lights. The boys at Georgia Tech could tell them how to make the motion of the wearer power the lights. Click to go to the story, which includes a 360-degree video.

For these fun fashion pieces, give thanks to Randy, who apparently reads the Daily Mail daily and even posted a pic of Lady GaGa with hilarious huge shoulder pads. (I am still not sure who Lady GaGa is, but she keeps popping up in online conversations.)

Randy’s posts made me so happy I finally made the kids watch True Stories, which may just be my favorite all-time movie. They liked it, but not as much as I thought they would.


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  1. A fashion post JUST in time for tonights State Dinner! good timing…..

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