Cranberries I have known and loved

cook 'til they pop

The past few years, I’ve had fun experimenting with cranberry recipes. This year, after chatting with a colleague yesterday about the beautiful berries, I decided to post all the cranberry recipes I can think of, just in time for your gathering tomorrow. I even took the camera to the kitchen for once. I could’ve picked a better day for it, seeing that the two new things I tried are flops.

Last year, I made this cranberry-maple butter (PDF) for the first time. It is really delicious, very easy, and makes plenty to give some away. The winner of this entire bunch of recipes, I think.

My first experiment for this year came from my attempt to watch the Food Network, which has yet to thrill me. This sounded tasty but really isn’t. A good basic idea, and very easy, but way too sweet, with sweetened dried cranberries, sweetened cranberry juice and a cup of white sugar. Cranberries for those who don’t like cranberries.  Maybe it will better in the morning.

the dreaded gelatin

While my sweet potatoes were in the oven, I decided to whip up this Cranberry Chiffon Pie, which looks pretty easy, right? Except for the “g” word. This is not the first time I’ve messed up something that involves gelatin. Does someone want to explain it to me? My egg whites were beautiful, but the gelatin mixture just wouldn’t be folded into. Not to mention that doubling the recipe made way too much for two pies, and it doesn’t taste all that great — I think by now I can taste gelatin. All in all, a waste of six beautiful eggs.

More fun with cranberries:

Mama Stanberg’s Cranberry Relish. This is the NPR one with the onion and horsehradish. I’ve made it two or three times. It makes enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas and freezes great. Some people love it; some won’t even try it.  It is an absolutely beautiful Pepto-Bismal pink.

Terri's famous cranberry-orange relish

Terri’s famous Cranberry Orange Relish (PDF). This is good stuff, and good for you, too. Inspired by this, a few years back I tried to use the same basic ingredients but cut them up bigger so you could see how pretty the apples and cranberries were. I can’t find where I wrote it down, but it was beautiful with the Grannys and berries. I think I used some sherry and lots of lemon and orange squeezes for the dressing. Didn’t taste as good as Terri’s, though.

Here’s another recipe, this one from my next-door neighbor, that combines apples and cranberries (of the canned variety) in sort of a crisp or crumble. Easy as can be, and people seem to like it.


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