It’s the most wonderful day of the year (tomorrow!)

Not because Dec. 1 kicks off the month of Christmas. And not even just because it’s James Harvey’s birthday (though we will be celebrating that). The reason for the season for me, I must admit, is El Vez’s annual Christmas show. And that means the season begins tomorrow.

Brown Christmas! Merry MexMas! And of course, Feliz Navidad.

El Rey honors the ATL by starting his tour here at the Earl in East Atlanta Tuesday, Dec. 1.  For only $15, you too can be a part of the celebration.

Those of you who have experienced this before know that you don’t want to miss it, even if it means staying out late on a school night.  Those who have not yet had the pleasure of an El Vez show: trust me on this one. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

There will be costume changes. There will be brilliant arrangements of all your favorites. Most especially, there will be The Lovely ElVettes.

If we are all very good little boys and girls, we might get to see Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

As if it could possibly get any better, El will be touring with Los Straitjackets as his band. Mexican wrestling masks, outerspace surf punk and an El Vez Christmas?! I may swoon.

A small crowd of us already have tickets in our possession. You can get yours — do it now!don’t delay! — online here >

Seriously, folks. He does this once a year at most. And who knows when he’ll decide to call it quits. Don’t miss your chance.



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5 responses to “It’s the most wonderful day of the year (tomorrow!)

  1. Jeff J.

    Enjoy the show Beth. I’m sure you’ll take lots of pictures and a few videos. Can’t wait to see them.

  2. Ivan

    Thinking hard on it Ms. Beth….

    El Fuzz

  3. Karen

    Woo Hoo! Thanks for the invite, Beth… my first show!

  4. Butler

    And the ElVettes…?

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