An international style sensation

We may just have to create a new “Style” category here in the Bubble, thanks to Paul and Randy. Today’s theme: Fashion That Protects You From Danger!

This from Paul this morning . . . Inspired by Chernobyl, a Ukrainian-American scientist has created Emergency Bra, which transforms in to a gas mask.

For the more well endowed, simply pull the mask tighter. Ladies, you'll always have a spare for a friend!

Which reminded me of something I heard on a “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!” episode a while back . . . Japanese clothes and accessories that hide you from bad guys. Only the culture that spawned transformers and Yu-Gi-Oh! could have come up with these. Do yourself a favor and look at the slide show on this one in the New York Times >

"Instead of pepper spray, the Japanese are devising a variety of novel solutions."

Pocketbook that converts into a fake manhole cover to hide your valuables.

Kids' backpack that transforms into a fire extinguisher box. Note to self: remember to wear red pants with this one.


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