Gen 2

I really need to quit calling them The Littles. So how about Generation 2? Here they are at their very first band concert, then afterward at Los Reyes just like The Bigs — I mean Gen 1.

Young Stevie has a musical career ahead of him -- perhaps with the Kiss of the 2010s

Thanks to Frieda for the pics.

I should also stop comparing Tom and his friends to Warren and his. But it has truly surprised me how different this group is as they leave childhood. They hang out with all boys, rather than boys and girls together. They are not happy at my house because we don’t have video games. And somehow they seem younger at this age than Warren did. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten already . . .



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2 responses to “Gen 2

  1. Frieda

    Good times! A really fun evening. I loved Mrs. Holbrook’s comment about how just a few short months ago, these kids did not know how to play their instruments … and I venture to say, the majority did not read music. Keep Fine Arts in Schools!!!!

  2. Jeff

    I think “the Bigs” and “the Littles” sound better then Gen 1 or Gen 2……….You’ve probably have forgotten and your probably, at times, want the Littles to mature and catch up with the Bigs. Just guessing.

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