Candied grapefruit!

Wow. Thanks, Craig Claiborne.

I was peeling a grapefruit for a snack this afternoon and thinking there must be a use for all the grapefruit peel I’ve been tossing into the compost the past few weeks when I remembered reading an old-fashioned recipe for candied grapefruit peel in Craig Claiborne’s Southern Cooking. (I love reading this book but for some reason have tried very few of the recipes. )

So while the coffeecakes were cooking, I sliced up the peel off a few and boiled  it up. Very easy if you’re in the kitchen doing something else while they’re boiling.  I only did two grapefruits instead of eight like the recipe calls for because I was skeptical. But I’m going to do more tonight. And maybe oranges and limes, too. It is absolutely delicious! The Littles and I can’t stay away from it.

Here’s the recipe (PDF). I had a little bit of a time getting the sticky peel out of the colander and into the sugar while it was hot enough to stick to the sugar without burning my fingers. I’ll scoop a little at a time out of the pot next time around.


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  1. jane

    My Gaggy used to make this when I was little. It was too sweet for me, but I’m glad you are enjoying it.

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