Cubbie’s grand winter holidays. There were a lot of people in the house for two weeks, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. With no more toddlers around, all cameras were focused on puppy pics.

"Who's here now!" Cubbie the party dog.

"But it had my name on it!" She kept unwrapping her present from the Twentysomething.

Christmas Eve: new toy

no idea that the party's just getting rolling

Christmas Day with Cuzzin Quark

"Does he even know I'm here?"

"How come he gets to get on the sofa?"

Koda, the world's softest snow dog.

basement dwelling

Dawg dog?

lots of new toys

She shared the Hedgie for a while. Then she napped on it.

new friend



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One response to “Cubbiepalooza

  1. Jeff J

    Great pictures Beth. Where have you been (your blog)?

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