Make it funky

When I bought tickets to go see Mother’s Finest at the sport’s bar where Danno used to hang out, I expected to be disappointed. What the heck, I thought — why not go re-live my funk-tinged redneck past for an evening? It was only $20 and only 4 miles from home. But just  Jimbo and Gaby said they wanted to go with before it sold out weeks ahead of time. In the week leading up to the show, everybody wanted our tickets.

What a blast!  I don’t know when I’ve seen performers be so happy to be onstage. I had really not thought about them in years and assumed that they had disbanded, but apparently they never really have. Check their very nice site and Wikipedia to see what they’ve been up to all these decades.

Bassist Wyzard is still the base of all this funk — one of my original bass heroes. Guitarist Moses Mo is just a30-year-older version of his old wild self. He was seriously too fun to watch — couldn’t seem to quit grinning. Baby Jean is a performer through and through (though her voice doesn’t have the staying power of at 22-year-old anymore) and Doc got the crowd all riled up for Mickey’s Monkey.

The crowd was pretty weird, though. It was like a big suburban frat party. Lots of died-blond short girls (well, women) and very tall men. Mostly white and very suburban. I made new best friends with the little redneck dancing next to me, and Gaby, Jimbo and I had a really fun evening very close to home.

Same place, same bat channel on April 30.


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  1. Jeff

    I always liked Mo. He used to play with a couple of different bands between ’82-’88 all around Atlanta and I must have seen him play over a two dozen times.

    It looks like there were a few other SHS people there at the show this past weekend.

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