International date night with my mama. Without even leaving the ‘burbs.

Dinner at my all-time favorite restaurant, Mirage, then The Last Station at LeFont Sandy Springs, my favorite movie theater.

I really enjoyed The Last Station. You never hear me say this (because what do I know from acting?), but what great performances by Cpt. von Trapp, Helen Mirren, Giamatti, and especially that wonderful James McEvoy, who looks like Nick.

I knew Tolstoy was worshiped in his motherland, but I didn’t know any of this stuff about Tolstoyans, or his fabulously crazy wife. I should have, I suppose, because MW has at times been so obsessed with “the Russians” that you would think she knows them all personally. After the movie she gave me a great primer on what it left out and what happened next and where it all fits into Russian history. Hell, all I know is I wanted Anna to throw herself under that train about 200 pages sooner than the bitch did.


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One response to “International date night with my mama. Without even leaving the ‘burbs.

  1. Mary Wallace

    Well………….. Iam glad you enjoyed the movie as much as I did, but I have fallen down in my duty as a mother if I haven’t taught you to appreciate Tolstoy as a writer. Maybe the movie will inspire you to give him another chance ‘as a writer. If Anna was too long for you, try some of the short stories like “The Death of Ivan Illych” and “Master and Man” . Try reading “The Kreutzer Sonata” as an adult.

    The dinner really was a fine one. I love learning about Persian food from you.

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