All things must converge

For someone who says she doesn’t watch TV, I sure do get excited about a lot of TV programs lately. MW, Butler, Terri and I have been rewatching The Wire and are well into the second season. Tonight we’ll watch a few episodes before Treme debuts.

As Jaffner says, “This is the first time that I know of that Simon has stepped out of his comfort zone – Baltimore – so I’m curious to see his vision translated to New Orleans.”

One thing’s for sure, he is sticking to his comfort zone in terms of actors, which include Wendell Pierce/Bunk, who is from New Orleans, Clarke Peters/Lester, and Melissa Leo from Homicide — plus John Goodman. I can only hope that Omar (did you know the scar is real?) shows up in season 2.

Watching the previews, I can’t help but see the reflections as well from

Treme will certainly give me a whole other perspective on “creole” and the blend of African and French cultures, after taking a  few nights away from All Souls’ Rising to watch When the Levees Broke,  thanks to Jaffner’s repeated recommendation. I can see the reflections of Spike Lee’s documentary in the Treme previews.

Here’s another preview >


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