Random drive-bys: Everywhere a sign

Cleaning those Cubbie photos off my phone yesterday, I found all sorts of strange and wondrous BlackBerry pictures I’d snapped but never viewed.  So for the next few days I’ll subject you to a series of random clicks out the window and across the street.

Make up yer cottonpickin! One is right; the other is wrong.

It's bad enough there's a school for it. But does the sign have to speak txt?

HI! Get in there and get me one of those tots!

Larry McDonald fell down.

This suburban gated 'hood is called Renaissance. Imitation Old Masters adorn on the stone-veneer walls. It makes me grin. (But then, as you can see, I'm easily amused.)

This has been on Woodlawn forever. Dan and I looked at the house next to it when we were shopping houses once. There's a story behind it that's too long for a caption.

Because I can ... give you directions to my house from here.



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6 responses to “Random drive-bys: Everywhere a sign

  1. Jeff

    Love the signs Beth. Keep ‘um coming.

  2. jennofark

    My objection to the Big Chicken is…that’s not the Big Chicken. It used to be much bigger.

  3. I left a comment, but it is not here… hmmmm

    • BDay

      Leave it again … it didn’t show up. (And no, I don’t delete comments if they are incorrectly punctuated. Although I will admit to occasionally correcting an egregiously misspelled word.)

  4. My favorite is the Renaissance hood! I drove by it the other day.

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