Making dirt (compost update)

Dirt. Made from leaves, grass, cantaloupe rind, mushy grapes, asparagus bottoms, dead lettuce, egg shells, stale bread, mushroom stems, potato peels, garlic peel ... and much more yummy stuff.

Lyta asked for a compost update, but it’s hard to take pictures of dirt. I can assure you, though, that the dirt we have made is the most beautiful, moist, wormy, soft, rich, delicious and nutritious dirt you’ve ever touched, seen or smelled.

I now have two bins to support the local wildlife and insect population, and I think it’s time to start a third. One is done, and I’m using it bucket by bucket. The other has been in progress for six months or so and it’s probably time to leave it alone to stew and make a third, new one.

Here’s the how-to, in case you missed it, and a pic of bin No 2 before I filled it up.



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3 responses to “Making dirt (compost update)

  1. Lyta

    Bee-yoo-ti-ful. You mean you didn’t taste it, as well? I would’ve tasted it.

    • BDay

      Funny you should ask, because BenJennings asked if I would really eat it and Tom said he would (of course). I didn’t, though I don’t in general have a problem tasting dirt. This stuff is pretty buggy. I wouldn’t want to eat a worm or one of those shiny creepy crawlies that populate it.

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