Songs to surrender to

Reminding us that U.S. forces played disco songs including Rick Astley to try to get Manuel Noriega to come out come out wherever he was, NPR asked the other day what songs would make you surrender.

It took me about 30 seconds to list 3 …

Beth I Hear You Calling (Kiss)

Night Moves (Bob Seeger)

Any song by Foreigner: Jukebox Hero, Waiting for a Girl Like You, Dirty White Boy, Hot Blooded, Cold as Ice

Uncle! uncle! I’m coming out with my hands over my head!

I know I will think of more. There’s John Cougar Mellencamp. Soulja Boy. Journey. So many more candidates.

List yours in the comments, please.



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27 responses to “Songs to surrender to

  1. jimbo

    any country music with twang.

  2. Jeff

    Culture Club, Wham, ABC, Helen Reddy, Korn, pictures of the lead singer for Rascal Flatts, Sinaid O’Conner……………………..these were just the ones that popped up in a few seconds. I’ll have have my coffee and revisit this later. Good morning Beth.

  3. Matt

    Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” is one song I would run from. Also Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” AHHHHH!

  4. Frieda Brown

    This is gonna take some thought because I can “tolerate” just about any type of music. However, off the top of my head: anything Miley or Brittany, William Shatner, Euro-techno-disco …

  5. lytanorman

    Bay City Rollers, Bee Gees, that damned “Afternoon Delight” song.

  6. jane

    Freebird. Hate it. At dances in high school, I would walk outside so I would not have to witness the slow dancing evolve to air-guitar morons with dumb struck girls trying to dance as if they were unaware that the guy they were dancing with was an idiot. AND the f#@%ing song NEVER ends.

    My senior year in high school, it was our class’s song favorite. An entire spread in the 1981 yearbook dedicated to this nightmarish tune.

    Lord knows I can’t chayayayayayayange.

  7. 1) any 80’s power hair band . ( girlz! girlz! girlz! )
    2)any roller coaster rift singer ( any chubby girl ever to be on American Idol, or anyone that ” puts their own spin” on the National Anthem )
    3) overly techno dance music.. ( yes, as a homo I am supposed to eat this stuff up with a spoon, but I hate it)

  8. Damn Jeff! NOT CULTURE CLUB!
    I know you will miss me, baby…

    • Jeff


      I was going to mention “Afternoon Delight” but Lyta beat me to it. No….can’t handle the Culture Club…….I’m with you Kyle on the… “anyone that ” puts their own spin” on the National Anthem”

  9. Jeff

    anything by Reba. was that a cat squalling outside? did I just use “squalling” ?

  10. jane

    Addicted to Love

  11. Warren

    I really don’t mind many songs at all. I enjoy most music. However, anything that is overplayed loses its touch on me at the time.

  12. BDay

    Jimbo, Jeff, Kyle: You gotta name songs, not just artists! Need help?

    Warren, you’re excused. You’re not old enough to be a hater.

    And Jeff, I think I might kind of like Reba McEntyre.

    And Lyta, Afternoon Delight is the top weiner so far.

  13. Motley Crue : GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

    Fantasia : The Star Spangled Banner
    ( not anywhere near the worst…)

    Jmurf : Dream Land
    ( I have no idea, I just googled Euro Techno )

  14. jennofark

    Afternoon Delight? Puh-leese.

    The damnable “Pina Colada Song” tops anything mentioned thus far. Not only is it horrible to hear, it’s about what may be the sleaziest couple ever depicted in song.

    That Lee Greenwood National Redneck Anthem is a close second.

    • BDay

      Somehow I had just conflated Afternoon Delight and the Getting Caught in the Rain song. We hated those even when they were new, remember!

  15. There’s a reason the Martian’s heads exploded:

  16. BDay

    I was reminded last night that there are songs from the current decade that are just as despicable. Nickleback’s Rockstar, for example.

  17. Jeff

    The Macarena, Haddaway – What Is Love, Mambo #5, UB40 – Can’t Help Falling In Love, Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing

  18. I listed my three with video links, but they are awaiting moderation…

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