Out of the bubble, finally

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To Lake Murray for a family reunion, to Columbia, then to visit Betsy in Edgefield County. Borrowed Dan’s GPS. Set it on “shortest distance” from Columbia to Trenton and had the best drive ever — it took me down dirt farm roads and driveways and all sorts of places but that woman knows what she’s talking about! I think this is a great new Sunday drive idea. Program your destination and just let her navigate. Only problem is sometimes you can’t hear her over the blasting tunes.

And here is your observation of the week, courtesy Betsy, on the benefits of being a cat … (you know it’s true!)

“One thing is, you don’t have to worry about changing clothes all the time.”



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3 responses to “Out of the bubble, finally

  1. I love all the pictures, all except the dog in the back of the truck, but the slide to nowwhere sort of made up for it.
    Here is a link to a pretty wonderful looking peach cobbler with pecan topping.

    • BDay

      This looks dee-lish. Things that grow together should be eaten together — like corn and tomatoes and okra and butterbeans.

      Why don’t you like the dog? I saw him make the turn in front of me. He looked like a pro. Does Koda have a doggy seatbelt? Am I a bad person for letting Cubbie ride in the front seat?

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