Marauding band of middle-school … minstrels?

Sorry for the kid overload, but they’re cracking me up this weekend. After breakfast, they decided to have an outdoor concert, even though their trombone and tuba players had bailed on them. Tom is clearly the ringleader, because he wants to marry his new bass clarinet.

The Serenading Hoodlum Quartet

Tom said the only way they could roam the neighborhood without people thinking they were hoodlums was to play music. This follows, you understand, a rash of mysterious doorbell ringing.

I think he has a more promising career as a musician than as an engineer.

Warren decides to join in. Chris decides not to.

They need to learn some better songs, seriously.

“What are we playing?”



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2 responses to “Marauding band of middle-school … minstrels?

  1. Frieda Brown

    Surely our little darlins weren’t “ding dong ditching”! And you’re right. They need to learn better music … And they will.

  2. Jeff

    Very nice! cool videos and you’ll enjoy looking at these twenty years from now.

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